Meet Philip Lorca-diCorcia. Having only been born in 1951 in Hartford, Connecticut makes this #throwbackthursday a little less of our usual throwback. A former Yale student and MoMA exhibitor, diCorcia treads a line I desire to follow in my own work. 

With a cinematic feel, diCorcia takes some photos as simple snapshots in the moment while others are intricately staged. But never does he veer away from the desire to present them as very placid and untouchable moments in time- as if they were taken in the moment without hesitation.

They each seem to carry with them their own little universes that for the viewer feel as if they could see the emotion and the scenery so clearly and palpably, that they could just be stepped into. Because of this, diCorcia’s pieces have been considered “Rorschach-like” by viewers and critics alike; each photo bearing it’s own ecosystem to easily fall into and become a necessary part of. 

diCorcia currently resides in New York. His work can be seen at the MoMa as well as Carnegie Mellon's Carnegie International Exhibition.


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